Hello Penticton British Columbia

November 27, 2009 at 4:06 am (Penticton)

Well, I have made it down intact and in one piece. Lucky too, there was one heck of a blizzard coming through Rogers Pass. There were a few cars in the ditch, and a large semi-trailer jack-knifed and had its tractor in the ditch, and trailer sticking out right into traffic lanes. Almost ran into myself. Me: I just took it easy … slow and steady. We made it all right, though a 10 hour drive was turned into a 12+ hour drive.

Feels good to be back home. Spent a few minutes today settling into my new (temporary) home. First things first, I got the computer hooked up. Next I unpacked my clothes. The weather here has not been great, a little gloomy and cloudy, though still quite mild. Have not gone out for new pics yet … though I will very soon, perhaps tomorrow if the weather is OK. I am going to have to wander around soon and see what has changed in the last three years, and go catch up with some old friends.

Here’s an old shot for you … one that is somewhat iconic of Penticton:



  1. Jeremy said,

    Welcome to the valley. Hope it treats you right.

    • Darren said,

      Thank you Jeremy, it is great to be back!

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