Model Shoot: Nestille

October 30, 2010 at 12:09 pm (Photography, Strobist)

Spent a few hours in the afternoon shooting with the lovely Nestille who was a real trooper for putting up with equipment problems and my inexperience on a not so warm day. She did a fantastic job. This shot is sort of a candid. I don’t think she expected me to take it while she was adjusting her hair, but I think it is pretty cool.

I am still very new at this, and I am fairly pleased with the results, and very grateful for the experience, but the more I learn the more I can see room for improvement. I was sort of run and gun with the lighting. I definitely need to work on more subtlety and adding more drama with the lights. I wish I had less flaky equipment, but I’m not going to blame that. I think I need a mannequin head or something to practice with.

Also thanks to Hugh for once again letting me use the roof of the Goodridge, and for being a most excellent assistant.

Check out the entire set (10 pictures so far, will probably upload more later).


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